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The Effects Of Dna Technology On The World Of Forensic...

Advances in DNA technology has expanded greatly in the world of forensic science. In the past a vast number of crime scene evidence was not considered for analysis is now being tested. Trace DNA is more effective in this century when convicting a criminal than it was 20-30 years ago. Due to the consist improvement of DNA technology forensic scientist are able to put away criminals the correct way. â€Å"In fact, requests for post-conviction DNA analysis have become so prevalent that the federal government and almost every state have passed laws that govern when and how a convict can request to revisit a conviction based on new DNA evidence† (Post-Conviction DNA Analysis – FindLaw). Post-conviction DNA can release an convicted prisoner in two ways: first, the evidence could prove conclusively that the person convicted did not commit the crime; second, reasonable doubt that justifies overturning the â€Å"conviction without conclusively proving innocence† (Post-Conviction DNA Analysis – FindLaw). Every state has a standard for post-conviction DNA analysis except for Massachusetts and Oklahoma. The federal government also has a statute that convers DNA testing. The judge uses the standards that are contained in the laws to determine if the evidence is enough to reopening the case. â€Å"In New York, for example, the new evidence must create a probability that had such evidence been received at the trial the verdict would have been more favorable to the defendant† (Post-Conviction DNAShow MoreRelatedCsi Effect Essay1231 Words   |  5 PagesCSI Effect Abstract Crime in America is increasing rapidly and many techniques have been created over the years in order to solve major crimes. Forensics science is one of the many techniques that have been created. Forensics is the use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal courts of law (free-dictionary, n.d). But there is an upcoming issue which involves the exaggerated details of forensics science. This paper explores the CSI Effect, compares and contrastsRead MoreIn The Forensic Science Field, Laboratory Tests Are Becoming1177 Words   |  5 PagesIn the forensic science field, laboratory tests are becoming more criticized in today s world of technology. Human hair is one of the most common types of evidence found at a crime scene. Following hair analysis, there is also DNA fingerprinting analysis. Many victims of this flaw have been wrongfully sent to serve time for these flaws in testing. There have recently been more strategies to help improve these tests and p rovide for a better outcome in trial. Labs now have certain guidelines to followRead MoreIdentifying Innocent People On Death Row1381 Words   |  6 PagesJackie Delaney Professor Nagy The World of Crime Fiction 12/14/15 Identifying Innocent People on Death Row through DNA Evidence How has DNA evidence helped to identify innocent people on death row? This topic raises the question of how many people on death row should truly be there and what percent are innocent. Jay D. Aronson works at Carnegie Mellon University as an Assistant Professor of Science, Technology and Society, and Simon A. Cole works at the University of California as an AssistantRead MoreHow Technology Has Impacted Criminal Investigation Essay2211 Words   |  9 PagesHow Technology has Impacted Criminal Investigation? Today, technology has affected our global surroundings in a number of ways. Technology has created a more advanced society and economy. We use technology in every aspect of life today. New innovations and technology helps create a safer atmosphere and reduces the rate of crime. Technology is the usage and knowledge of techniques or is systems of these things. Usage of technology in the criminal justice system is not new but more apparent todayRead MoreDna And Ethics Of Recombinant Dna1601 Words   |  7 Pages Recombinant DNA and Ethics Brooke Boland BIO/410 - Genetics October 23, 2017 Miranda Gauthier Recombinant DNA and Ethics Recombinant DNA technology has become a powerful influence to many fields including medicine, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Genetic modifications of plants, animals and other organisms have allowed scientists to improve the quality of human life. As genetic engineering continues to rapidly grow, many ethical, social and legal issues arise evaluating the risksRead MoreIs The Technology Behind Forensics Reliable?1654 Words   |  7 Pages Is the Technology behind Forensics Reliable? The scientific examination of evidence in criminal cases found in a crime scene is called forensic science. Forensic scientists use the same technology, tools and methods used by other scientists doing other types of research, including microscopes, computers, and lasers. As forensic science has advanced over the years, so has the ability to gather evidence and solve crimes. At crime scenes, lasers provide lighting to trackRead MoreForensic Science And The Scientific Examination Of Evidence1644 Words   |  7 Pagescases found in a crime scene is called forensic science. Forensic scientists use the same technology, tools and methods used by other scientists doing other types of research, including microscopes, computers, and lasers. As forensic science has advanced over the years, so has the ability to gather evidence and solve crimes. At crime scenes, lasers provide lighting to track blood sample that not visible to the naked eye. Forensic imaging technology is technology that let s the first responding localRead MoreEssay The Future Potential of DNA Fingerprinting1338 Words   |  6 PagesPotential of DNA Fingerprinting   Ã‚  Ã‚   Abstract;   This paper explors the effects DNA fingerprinting has had on the trial courts and legal institutions. Judge Joseph Harris states that it is the single greatest advance in the search for truth since the advent of the cross examination (Gest, 1988). And I tend to agree with Judge Josephs assertion, but with the invention and implementation of DNA profiling and technology has come numerous problems. This paper will explore: how DNA evidence wasRead MoreImpact Of Dna Fingerprinting3430 Words   |  14 PagesDNA profiling technologies have had a considerable impact on how forensic science and criminal investigation have been understood, carried out, and regulated in the last 25 years. Current methods of forensic DNA profiling (known also as DNA fingerprinting and DNA typing), based on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplifications of a varying number of Short Tandem Repeat (STR) loci found at different locations on the human genome, are regularly described as c onstituting the â€Å"gold standard for identification†Read MoreThe Fight Against Crime Paper1619 Words   |  7 PagesI read the name of the DNA is Databases Help in paper the Fight Against Crime paper, the author of this Richard is Hurst. He wrote Databases from Opposing Viewpoints in Context DNA in 2012. Richard Hurst is a senior analyst at Pasco Risk Management, Johannesburg, a global risk consulting company that provides advice and services on challenges in emerging market environments. The article mentioned in this article is very little, and most of the data are population, I think these data are valid. Because

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The Symphony Of Beethoven Symphony - 1556 Words

Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony showed the world not only what a nearly perfect musical composition sounds like, but also the sheer relevance and absolute importance of historical context in the perception of music. Written from 1811 to 1812, the piece has to this day remained one of Beethoven’s greatest works. Beethoven dedicated the symphony to Count Moritz von Fries, an aristocrat that frequently hosted Beethoven in his more than accommodating home. The premiere for the symphony was on December 8th, 1813 at a charity concert where the proceeds went to wounded Austrian and Hungarian soldiers from the battle of Hanau. The symphony was immediately popular, winning the admiration of critiques and audiences alike. Described as the most perfect†¦show more content†¦After underestimating the size of the French army, the allies retreated from Madrid and into a small town in western Spain called Ciudad Rodrigo. It was at this point that the French sustained a significa nt blow from the failed invasion attempt on Russia. As a result, Bonaparte withdrew a sizable portion of troops from the western peninsular war to replenish his primary army. Meanwhile the Duke took the time to reinforce the allied army, and began pushing the French forces out of Madrid. 105,000 allied soldiers met the largely demoralized French army of 60,000 at Vitoria. The Battle decisively ended the peninsular war and led to the eventual collapse of Napoleonic rule in Europe altogether. As did most people in Europe at the time, the inhabitants of Vienna despised Napoleon and the French in general. The victory at Vitoria therefore caused a universal sense of celebration and euphoria to spread throughout Vienna. Originally written for the panharmonicon, a large, automated organ capable of creating several different sound effects, Wellington’s â€Å"Victory† was changed for the orchestra. A friend of Beethoven’s, Johann Nepomuk Maelzle, an engineer best known for inventing the metronome, requested that he compose a piece that would commemorate the victory over Napoleon. Widely considered Beethoven’s worst piece: â€Å"a piece of startling crudity,† â€Å"The Battle Symphony† premiered on DecemberShow MoreRelatedBeethoven, Symphony No. 92393 Words   |  10 PagesBeethoven, Symphony No. 9 Ludwig Beethoven was not only one of the greatest composer musician ever born- he is a wonderful study tool for me during exam week. My faithful study partner was born in a small town, Bonn, Germany on December 16, 1770 to a family of professional musicians. Beethoven learned violin and some other instruments from his father. His father wanted him to be perfect in music, and in that endeavor he violently scolded Beethoven whenever he made any kind of mistake duringRead MoreReview Of Beethoven Symphony No. 9 1301 Words   |  6 Pages Ludwig van Beethoven once said, â€Å"Music, in truth, is the mediator between intellectual and sensual life†. Though he and his music were from an entirely different era, both still have relevance in our lives today. Music from the past is all around us on the radio, in commercials, and on the big screen. For example, one of Beethoven’s most famous symphonies, â€Å"Symphony No. 9†, makes an appearance in many movies. It eve n makes an appearance in Die Hard. Though we like to think that which is oldRead MoreBeethoven Concert Symphony No 61128 Words   |  5 Pages BEETHOVEN CONCERTS The â€Å"Pastorale† Symphony and the â€Å"Emperor† Piano Concerto, one named by Ludwig van Beethoven and the other by a friend, are splendid examples of Beethoven’s musical acumen. These pieces are more formally known as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 and Piano Concerto No. 5. This concert report will cover both pieces and will contain my impressions of each piece. Symphony No. 6 â€Å"Pastorale† was performed by the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, and was conducted by Paavo JarviRead MoreBeethoven, Symphony No 3 ( Eroica )1447 Words   |  6 PagesBeethoven, Symphony No. 3 (Eroica) Ludwig van Beethoven was one of the greatest composers and a musical genius. Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany and died on March 26, 1827 in Vienna, Austria. Beethoven came from a family of musicians just like many other great composers before him had. At the age of only 11 Beethoven began serving as an assistant to the court organist and had several published piano compositions at the age of 12. At the age of 18, he became the legal guardianRead MoreThe Footsteps Of Beethoven s Final Symphony1351 Words   |  6 PagesBeethoven’s Final Symphony. It is a very powerful film that illustrates the impact of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony on individuals from different places in the world. This film is not the type of documentary that I expected. It is one of the best film that I saw. Following the Ninth presents the significance of humanity. The director, Kerry Candaele acknowledged that it was the third movement of Beethoven’s final symphony that drew him into Beethoven’s world. For me, Beethoven’s last symphony has the spiritualRead MoreEssay about Analysis of Beethoven Symphony 3 and Mozart Symphony 403307 Words   |  14 PagesBeethoven Symphony No. 3 and Mozart Symphony 40 Forms Sonata form is one of the more popular forms of music that is found in a variety of different works including symphonies, concertos, and sonatas. Sonata form features three distinct sections: the exposition, development, and recapitulation. Mozart was one of the early composers of this form of music. I will examine the clear distinctions between each section and how he does not stray from the typical form. In later years the form would changeRead MoreThe Fifth Symphony By Ludwig Van Beethoven1561 Words   |  7 Pagesgenre. My personal musical taste is a variety of genres and choosing the three pieces represents my musical mixture. The Fifth Symphony composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of my favorite classical pieces. Beethoven was a famous deaf composer and the most leading influential musical figure in the Romantic era. The Fifth Symphony was written between 1804 and 1808. Beethoven held a concert to debut his pieces, but it did not go as well as planned. The audience was bored and tired from sitting in theRead MoreBiography Of Ludwig Van Beethoven s Symphonies1558 Words   |  7 Pages Ludwig van Beethoven’s nine symphonies are indispensable pieces of music and contributed to him being referred to as one of the most famous musicians in all of musical history. His symphonies are still played today and are recognized around the world. He is known as a symphonic master due to his nine symphonies. Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer during the transitional period between the Classical and Romantic eras. Beethoven’s symphonies were greatly influenced by Haydn and Mozart inRead MoreThe Impact Of Beethoven On The Development Of The Symphony Until Mahler3555 Words   |  15 PagesDiscuss the impact of Beethoven on the development of the symphony until Mahler. Difficult as it may be to define the true relationship of an artist to his successors, this difficulty is enormously increased when the subject is as complex a man and musician as Beethoven. His role as both a â€Å"preserver of the eighteenth-century tradition1 and a pioneer of romantic self-expression, has secured his status as one of the most revered composers in the history of Western music. Throughout his symphonic cycleRead MoreBiography Of Ludwig Van Beethoven s Symphony1368 Words   |  6 PagesLudwig Van Beethoven was a prolific musician of the 18th Century who, in all his time, composed nine symphonies, one opera, five piano concertos, thirty-two piano sonatas, and many other string quartets and hundreds of songs . Throughout this essay I shall be focusing on the symphony that after four years of hard work and plenty alterations , was brought to life and to this day is probably one of the best-known classical pieces: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor. This piece contains great e xamples of music

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Marginal Costs and Benefits Free Essays

Marginal analysis is a technique used in microeconomics by which very small changes in specific variables are studied in terms of the effect on related variables and the system as a whole. Marginal costs and benefits are a vital part of economics because they help to provide the relevant measurement of costs and benefits at a specific level of production and consumption (McCain, 2008). This is the reason why I’ve chosen this topic for my paper. We will write a custom essay sample on Marginal Costs and Benefits or any similar topic only for you Order Now We use economics in our daily lives without knowing it. It would be nice to have an unlimited source of income, where one doesn’t have to worry on how they spend. Of course to most cases, we don’t have that luxury so we must live on a budget. Analyzing the marginal costs will benefit us in the long run because when we live on a budget, we spend most of our lives trying to find the most out of our spending. Let’s say that one person who lives on a tight budget, but they would like to have a nice vacation in one point of their lives. They would work toward that point and find out how much they would need for the costs of the trip. Every dollar now becomes crucial to their spending because we must know how much we can afford and have to be wise about it. We cannot go out there and start spending like mad because in the end we’ll ask ourselves, â€Å"Now how are we going to pay this off? † So calculating within the budget is necessary, but keeping in mind that we should be able to actually enjoy the vacation without being tedious of every single cent that is coming out of our pocket. Let’s say that we have a budget of $2000 total to go on this trip. Looking at the prices of the airfare, transportation, food, lodging etc. , we have to see much this would all cost us so therefore we can know how much money is left to us to spend on certain material items we may come across to when we are on vacation. There’s always something that one could find that raises the question, â€Å"I should buy this because I wouldn’t be able to find it where I am currently living. † When we calculate all the costs, we will see how much it would benefit us in the long run. The benefits of this situation is that if we find deals and discount for the necessary factors of our trip, we have more spending money to enjoy our vacation, buying things without that guilt factor because we know it’s within our budget. How to cite Marginal Costs and Benefits, Papers

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Introduction To Management Accounting Priceâ€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Introduction To Management Accounting Price? Answer: Introducation Conventional method of allocating overheads lead to mispricing as under this system, the overhead is allocated based on only one factor that is the machine hours or the direct labour hours. To be more specific, the traditional approach imply entails that there is only one driver for allocating the overhead and that is the machine hours or the direct labour hours (Oseifuah 2014). However, practically there are various drivers related to the factory overheads, for instance, the machine set-up cost, inspection cost, special storage cost, special handling cost. More of the involvement of diversity with regard to the products and customer demands, more of the issues regarding the allocation of overhead. Further, under the traditional approach costs related to performance of all diverse activities are included under one cost pool and are divided by production machine hours and obviously the result is the 1 average rate that is used for all the products irrespective of diverse activities. T herefore, the allocation of overhead under conventional method leads to mispricing (Marx 2013). Advantages of activity based costing approach Improve the business processes under the ABC approach the indirect costs are allocated based on the cost driver of the product or based on the factors that generates the cost. As the costs are assigned as per the product, it can be identified by the management that which processes are profitable and which are not. The ABC system can further be used to recognize the activities that are non-value added and can assist in better allocation of the resources for profitable and efficient activities. Usage of ABC can add value to continuous enhancement of the business procedures (Ruiz-de-Arbulo-Lopez, Fortuny-Santos and Cuatrecasas-Arbs 2013). Recognize the wasteful products this system takes into consideration the costs that is similar to the production cost and allows the business to understand where the overhead costs are incurred. Further, the information can recognize the wasteful products and irrelevant costs so that the resources can be used efficiently. The ABC approach also assists in fixing the price of the service or products that are incorrect or excessive. Moreover, the quality of products or services can be improved as the issues can be resolved using the system (Monroy, Nasiri and Pelez 2014). Cost management the ABC system offers the rate of cost driver and the information on the volume of transactions that are useful for the management for managing the cost and appraisal of the performance under the responsibility centre. Further, the cost drivers are used advantageously for designing the existing as well as new products. Reference Marx, C., 2013. Activity based costing (ABC) and traditional costing systems. Monroy, C.R., Nasiri, A. and Pelez, M.., 2014. Activity Based Costing, Time-Driven Activity Based Costing and Lean Accounting: Differences among three accounting systems approach to manufacturing. InAnnals of Industrial Engineering 2012(pp. 11-17). Springer London. Oseifuah, E.K., 2014. Activity based costing (ABC) in the public sector: benefits and challenges.Problems and Perspectives in Management,12(4), pp.581-588. Ruiz-de-Arbulo-Lopez, P., Fortuny-Santos, J. and Cuatrecasas-Arbs, L., 2013. Lean manufacturing: costing the value stream.Industrial Management Data Systems,113(5), pp.647-668.

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The Birth Control Pill Essays - Hormonal Contraception,

The Birth Control Pill The Birth Control Pill: The Pill with Many Issues Generations of women have lived with the task of controlling the childbearing process. In 1960, the Food and Drug Administration approved the birth control pill. The approval of the pill was a great event for women. The birth control pill not only prevents pregnancy, it also treats several feminine disorders. Before the birth control pill, many women turned to illegal or self-performed abortion. In 1973 abortion was made legal by the case of Roe Vs. Wade. These events have become a great privilege for women, but neither prevents A.I.D.S. or other diseases. In 1916, the birth control movement was established by a public health nurse name Margaret Sanger. Sanger opened up the first birth control clinic in New York. This clinic informed women about deciding to become mothers and when. It also provided education to women about existing birth control methods. The idea of a woman's right to control her own body and her own sexuality, gave a new outlook to family planning. Sanger recorded in her autobiography: ?Every day the little waiting room was crowded. Women came from the far end of Long Island (the press having the spread the word), from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. They came to learn the ?secret? which they thought was possessed by the rich and denied to the poor.? (Asbell 44) According to Bernard Asbell, the state of New York charged Sanger with illegal distribution of contraceptive information and forced Sanger to close the clinic (45). In 1951, Sanger and Katharine McCormick, an heir to the International Harvester fortune, wanted a simple and a more efficient form of a contraceptive. Sanger went to Gregory Pincus, a researcher at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, with their idea. Pincus had been receiving funds from the Planned Parenthood Federation to study mammalian egg, but it was not enough to develop a hormonal contraceptive (Asbell 59). It was an $180,000 contribution from McCormick that funded adequate research development for a hormonal contraceptive. By 1955, Pincus, a Harvard gynecologist named John Rock, and graduate student Min Chueh Chang had found a way to keep a woman from conceiving. The team of three came up with a progestogen pill that would keep a woman from ovulating; therefore she could not get pregnant. This pill was called the birth control pill and was approved by the Food and Drug administration in 1960. S. Snider reports that the birth control pill ?was a major medical achievement that rewrote the future of women and family life. For the first time in history, it became possible for a woman to safely and effectively control childbearing by taking a pill (4). Although the pill was a wonderful success, it wasn't long before health officials raised concerns about serious side affects. Fears of blood clots, heart attack, and stroke, caused exhaustive research on oral contraceptives in the 60's and 70's. The health risks are not as large due to the low-dose birth control pills on the market today (Snider 5). The birth control pill does not only prevent pregnancies, but it also helps control some diseases and other medical problems. Many women that have an irregular menstrual cycle take the pill to keep their cycle normal. The pill has also proven to help women who have endometriosis. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled case of Roe vs. Wade to legalized abortion. Since there has been health scares about the pill abortion has seem to become the other alternative to contraception. Some teenagers and women abuse abortion as a form of birth control. Many women have used abortions as a drastic form of contraception, due to carelessness or ignorance of better methods. In 1981, the virus acquired immune deficiency syndrome, better known as A.I.D.S. was identified. This virus weakens and breaks down the body's immune system making it almost impossible to fight off other viruses, infections and diseases. A.I.D.S. usually is caught by unprotected sex or drug use. The birth control pill will prevent a woman from conceiving; however the pill will not protect a woman from the A.I.D.S. virus. According to Jean Lawrence of the U.S. Center for Disease control and Prevention: ?Women whose partners use condoms to prevent A.I.D.S. and other sexually

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Quotes from I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Quotes from 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings' I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, a famous book by Maya Angelou, is the first in a series of seven autobiographical novels. The book has been popular since it was first published in 1969. Oprah Winfrey, who read the novel when she was 15, said in a forward to the 2015 edition of the book, ... here was a story that finally spoke to the heart of me. These quotes show the searing journey Angelou traveled transforming from a victim of rape and racism into a self-possessed, dignified young woman.   Racism In the book, Angelous character, Maya, confronts the insidious effects of racism and segregation in America at a very young age, according to SparkNotes. Racism and bigotry are major themes in the novel, as the following quotes make clear. If growing up is painful for the Southern Black girl, being aware of her displacement is the rust on the razor that threatens the throat. - PrefaceI remember never believing that whites were really real. - Chapter 4They dont really hate us. They dont know us. How can they hate us?  - Chapter 25How maddening it was to have been born in a cotton field with aspirations of grandeur.  - Chapter 30 Religion and Morality Angelou- and her protagonist in the novel, Maya- was raised with a strong sense of religion, which serves as her moral guide, according to GradeSaver. And that sense of religion and morality permeate the novel. I knew that if a person truly wanted to avoid hell and brimstone, and being roasted forever in the devils fire, all she had to do was memorize Deuteronomy and follow its teaching, word for word. - Chapter 6See, you dont have to think about doing the right thing. If youre for the right thing, then you do it without thinking.  - Chapter 36 Language and Knowledge The description on the back cover of the 2015 edition of the novel, notes that the book captures the longing of lonely children, the brute insult of bigotry, and the wonder of words that can make things right. Probably more than anything, it is the power of Angelous words- and her emphasis on understanding- that helped to shine a light on the harsh realities of bigotry and racism. Language is mans way of communicating with his fellow man and it is language alone that separates him from the lower animals. - Chapter 15All knowledge is spendable currency, depending on the market.​  - Chapter 28 Perseverance The novel covers the years from when Maya is 3 until she turns 15. Much of the book is about Mayas attempt to face bigotry and degradation. Finally, though, near the end of the novel she also sees the honor in surrendering- giving in- when necessary. Like most children, I thought if I could face the worst danger voluntarily, and triumph, I would forever have power over it.  - Chapter 2We are the victims of the worlds most comprehensive robbery. Life demands a balance. Its all right if we do a little robbing now.  - Chapter 29At fifteen life had taught me undeniably that surrender, in its place, was as honorable as resistance, especially if one had no choice.  - Chapter 31 Fitting In In a parable for the novel- and the world around her- Maya wanders around town one night and decides to sleep in a car in a junkyard. The next morning she awakes to find a group of teenagers, composed of many races, living in the junkyard, where they get along well and are all good friends. I was never again to sense myself to solidly outside the pale of the human race. - Chapter 32 Sources Angelou, Maya, and Oprah Winfrey. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Ballantine Books, 2015. GradeSaver, â€Å"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Study Guide.† SparkNotes, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

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Understanding Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Understanding Art - Essay Example If I would never have read Frida Kahlo’s meaning to her work, I would have thought that this man was in her head, always watching with a third eye and the oppression she feels, but as she expresses to friend, â€Å" I have suffered two serious accidents in my life, one in which a streetcar ran over me†¦. The other accident was Diego.†. Her work compels me, possibly because of her bravery to not only look at the reality of her situation but also because she allowed me to view it and share her emotion.   This painting makes me feel compassion, revulsion, and other unnamed emotions.   That is what makes it good art.  If I would never have read Frida Kahlo’s meaning to her work, I would have thought that this man was in her head, always watching with a third eye and the oppression she feels, but as she expresses to friend, â€Å" I have suffered two serious accidents in my life, one in which a streetcar ran over me†¦. The other accident was Diego.â⠂¬ . Her work compels me, possibly because of her bravery to not only look at the reality of her situation but also because she allowed me to view it and share her emotion.   This painting makes me feel compassion, revulsion, and other unnamed emotions.    Art is defined by many different categories, all in which help give a greater  understanding of the purpose of art. Art can range from the occasional change in color contrast of our room to a fresh vase of roses on the dining room table.